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🚗 Search Car Rentals, Compare Prices

The car rental search options offer quick access to the offers from multiple car rental companies in more than 150 countries. The search option from this section aggregates data from over 30 car rentals companies, from big names like Hertz, Europecar, to the little ones operating only in certain cities. At just one click away, we offer a wide selection of available car rentals and prices, presented in a singe page with multiple filters, making it easy to find the exact type of vehicle matching any travel requirements.

What is a Car Rental Aggregator?

The car rental aggregator and car rental company are two different things. The car rental company lists only its available offering of cars for rental, while the car rental aggregator puts together all cars available from multiple car hire companies. This results in more rental options, better price and car type diversity for the same location and dates. In this case, the car rental aggregator operates as car hire booking engine, managing the entire book process, from search to reservation, payment and even insurance.

When compared to car rental companies, the aggregators offer a broader search, listing cars and prices from many more websites. This results in more car options and various rental deals listed in one place, simplifying the procedure for users to find a cheap car rental online.

Why Use our Car Rental Search Option?

Using our car rental search option comes with multiple advantages for users. Firstly, the time saved for searching for the best deal is clear: getting all price offers in one place rather than checking individual car rental websites for available car and prices. With the quick search option, our system returns results from multiple car rental companies, offering the exact same facilities and even more.

Secondly, the easiness in managing the entire reservation process from one place, offering a complete experience from search, filtering cars and locations, to booking the car and even buying insurance.

The car rental system searches and compares car rental prices in one simple interface, putting all available offers from multiple companies in one single place. With the filters in place, users will not only check for the cheapest car rentals, but also for the right car choices like type of car (sedan, SUV, cabriolet, sports car, limousine), type of transmission (manual, automatic), engine type, number of drivers, interior space, or even location of pick-up and drop-off (city center, airport terminal).

How to Reserve a Car Rental?

Reserving your car rental is actually done in several simple steps. Firstly, users should select location of the car rental pick up (country, city, point of interest in the city). The results shown are all available offers from selected car rental companies operating in that location. Once filtering was used to narrow down on options and the car was selected, you can follow the reservation procedure. Details of the driver/drivers are required to complete the booking. You may also check if you would like extra insurance for your peace of mind.

Paying for Car Rental & Insurance: paying for the car rental is done online, using a credit card. If payment is not done on the reservation time, the car may not be held. Just before payment process, an insurance option is also available for purchase. While most car rentals come with a basic insurance, for extra peace of mind you may also want extended coverage. When the reservation is complete, a confirmation email with the booking code will be sent to the user, with all details about car rental, point of pick-up and contact details of the rental office.

Searching and getting your car rental is just one side of your travel journey: you may also need to get hotel reservations or search for flight tickets.

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