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The hotel search options offer quick access to all available hotel rooms and apartments in more than 35,000 cities and villages. The search tool from this section aggregates data from over 100 online booking engines and travel agencies, and even directly from selected hotel chains. At the touch of a button, we offer a wide selection of available accommodation units and prices / night, presented in a single page with multiple filters, making it easy to find the exact type of hotel room or apartment matching any travel requirements.

What is a Hotel Rates Aggregator?

We need to point there is an important distinction between a hotel aggregator and a hotel booking engine. While both hotel search options may seem to return hotel availability and prices for selected cities and dates, an advantage puts aggregator services in front. The difference between the two is that a hotel booking engine acts like a travel agency, having partnership deals to offer rooms from selected hotels against a booking fee. On the other hand, a hotel aggregator operates similarly to a search engine, connecting to hotel chains, travel agencies and hotel booking engines to find all available hotel offers and prices.

When compared to booking engines, hotel aggregators offer a broader search, listing hotels and prices from many more websites, at no extra cost. This results in more hotel options and various accommodation deals listed in one place, making it as simple as possible for users to find a cheap hotel room or apartment online.

Why Use our Hotel Search Platform?

There are multiple advantages for using our platform to search for hotel rooms and apartments. Firstly, we need to understand that travel agencies or hotel booking engines offer accommodation at the properties they are in partnership with. This means the offer is different from one agency to another. Furthermore, each travel agency gets a limited number of rooms or apartments to rent out from each hotel, which means that when all the units in a hotel were rented at a specific travel operator, there may still be available rooms for booking through other operators.

Another advantage is that our aggregator lists all prices with fees included when available, no matter the source, making it easier for the price filtering to return the best hotel rates possible.

In conclusion, the hotel aggregator returns a more complete list of results for hotel rooms and apartments available at various travel agencies, hotel chains or even villa & apartment rental services. The hotel system searches and compares hotel prices in one simple interface, showing even different prices for the same room at the same hotel available for booking at multiple tour operators. This makes the hotel aggregator a real price comparison engine, saving you hours of searching on individual websites and comparing offers.

To top it up, the hotel filters in place allow users to quickly identify the best hotels for themselves, by filtering not only by price, but also by location of hotel (city center, near beach, near airport, near convention center), hotel star category, user ratings or filters by hotel facilities.

How to Book Hotel Rooms?

Making a reservation for a hotel room anywhere in the world is simpler than one may think. After searching for accommodation using our hotel aggregator, each result is returned with details about the hotel, facilities and prices from different travel operators. The online hotel booking option allows the selection of best price in the results, at which point you will be directed to the travel operator website to complete the reservation procedure. The hotel room selected should already be in the shopping cart. From this stage, is similar to any online shopping experience, where the user submits personal details with the hotel booking operator.

Paying for Your Hotel Room: when it comes to hotel rooms or any other accommodation unit booked online, users will have several options for payments. There are cases where pre-payment is required by the hotel to keep the reservation. This mostly happens when the user travels at peak periods or the room booked at part of a promotional deal / discounted rate. In all other cases, hotel rooms may be paid at the hotel front desk on checkout. Either way, when the rooms as reserved online, an email containing the booking code and confirming the reservation will be sent to the user. There is no need to print out this email, but having the reservation details on hand when presenting yourself at hotel check-in is a good idea.

Hotel Transfers

If you look to get to the hotel you have booked or leaving the hotel to the airport, some hotels may offer a private transfer on request. Whether they offer such a service or not, an alternative can be booked like a hotel-airport transfer, with a driver ready to pick you up at the desired time. This is a more convenient option compared to public transport. Ride sharing apps can also be used as long the better-known companies offer such services in selected locations.

Travel Insurance

While traveling has become a part of our life, it can include risks which are better managed with a travel insurance. There are many situations where an insurance can kick in to your advantage, like flight delays or cancellations, medical emergencies while abroad or accidents. Some banks offer travel insurance automatically to their customers as long as the customers use their credit cards to book their travels. It is recommended to check if your bank offers such an option and what are the conditions and coverage. Otherwise, you can book a travel insurance policy online.

Searching and booking your accommodation is one part of your travel journey: you may also need flight tickets reservations or car hire.

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